The Health Of Our People

Disclaimer:  This may be a controversial post, but I mean it to help, not hurt.  First, I do not condone or approve of violence in any way to solve problems, I love our country and even with all the negative things this election year is bringing about, I still believe it is the best country to live in. I also don’t know how to feel about the football players not standing for the national anthem, to me a lot of things have just become ritual that we do on the outside with no real feeling related to them.  We do them so other people will look at us in a positive light, like saying grace before a meal.  But that’s another post.

Oh…this is going to be long.

Can I just share a few things from my heart?  This election is bringing so much turmoil into our lives and our country that I can’t even believe it, or stand it.  People talk all the time about making America great again; they have to be talking about making it great financially again, or maybe they mean making us a strong, dominating force on the world stage again, or maybe they are just talking about how some people used to just be quiet and not stand up for themselves?

I also hear statements like, “We need to go back to what this country was built on: God, faith, and freedom.”  Maybe we all need to be reminded of a few things.  Our founding fathers did not come to America peacefully, just looking for a place to worship God in their own way.  They came in violently.  Just take a look at your history books, if you can still read about how we took the land from the natives.  Why?  Because we wanted it.  As big as this continent is, you would think we could have found a way to live peaceably, or at least found another spot. The country was not completely inhabited with Native Americans. Even if we give them the benefit of the doubt and say the early settlers tried to peacefully obtain land, but the natives were violent, what would you expect?  People came from another land, who speak a different language and maybe they didn’t even know that other humans existed.  I’d be afraid, too.  We are afraid if someone “different” comes across our path.  Just ask any Native American who still knows their true roots if they think we should go back to the way it was.  Maybe before foreigners came.

Next, why don’t we talk about the slaves brought over from Africa?  I know none of the people living today were slaves, they probably don’t even have any grandparents who remember being slaves.  Maybe they have great grandparents or great, great grandparents who were slaves and they remember the stories they were told down through the years.  I know that we, the people who live in America today, had nothing to do with the physical acts of slavery from 150 years ago and before.  But there are those of us today who want to keep the spirit of slavery alive.  I am not one of those people, but I know there are some out there.

Some people still look at other people and judge them based on their color.  This isn’t something new, it’s been going on since the beginning.  Well, since people started noticing differences in each other.  I know there are a lot of people who say, “They need to just get over it, they were never slaves, we were never slaveholders.”  Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person treats you like you are inferior, constantly calling you names and talking down to you?  Have you ever tried to better yourself only to have that person keep holding you back, reminding you that you are not good enough?  You can forgive them, if you choose to, but you can’t “get over it”, because it never stops.  I’ve heard people say, “If they don’t like it here, let them go back where they came from and see how they like that.”  Like comparing their situation here to a violent, poverty stricken place is going to make them feel better.  Or like that is even a viable solution.  The vast majority of people who live in this country today, came from here!  That attitude is simply a form of manipulation, it is a way of ignoring the problem and refusing to be part of a conversation that could actually facilitate change.  It’s rude, unkind, hateful and I’m ashamed to admit that I may have said similar things many years ago before I really understood.

When I was struggling in my marriage, there were people who said, “Why don’t you leave, go back where you were before?”  Sometimes that is just not the answer.  Sometimes the answer is getting to the bottom of the problem and working through it so both people can be happy.  When everything came to the surface for me, I told my husband “I’m not satisfied with just not fighting anymore, I want good, and if we can’t have that I’m done.”  I’m getting too old to worry about whether I am loved or not, or whether voicing my opinion is going to cause an argument.  It took both of us to recognize the problem and both of us to work on it for things to get better.  Neither one of us could make things better alone.

Maybe I can relate to people who feel oppressed, because I have felt it myself.  Where I first experienced what I believe was oppression was in the religious world where I was treated differently because my parents were divorced.  Then I was treated differently because I didn’t believe everything I was being taught, and I said so.  Again I was treated differently because I didn’t like being a girl, because girls were treated differently than boys, in my opinion as if they were less than.  Then in the business world, when I started working construction in a male dominated work force.  Many men in the construction field in the late 80’s and early 90’s didn’t think it was a place for women and didn’t think women should be paid the same.  I really did have to work twice as hard and do more work than my male counterparts to prove my worth, and even then I’m not sure I got paid the same as they did.  Did everyone have the same experience as I did? No, there are a lot of women who can’t understand why I feel the way I do at all, and many who have said, “You just need to ‘get over it’ and move on.”  They are right in one way, I need to move on, get past the hurt, acknowledge what was done and forgive.  But no, I will never forget it.  If I forget it, I will not be able to empathize with other people who still feel the way I felt back then, and sometimes even still do today.

So, what is the answer?  I’m pretty sure I’ll get some flack from all sides on this, but I think there are many answers.  One answer is that we need to stop separating ourselves.  When we fill out applications the question comes up asking our nationality or race.  We answer “I am black”, “I am white”, “I am Hispanic”, “I am Native American”.  What if we just put down “I am human”?  (It may come to that someday from what I am reading and hearing lately.)  What if we stopped associating ourselves with our dividing lines of color and heritage?  I know the government loves to put those questions there because, well let’s face it they need a certain amount “other than white” to be compliant.  What if we just hired someone based on their experience and abilities and gifts without knowing what color they are, or what gender they are?

I’m not saying we should throw out our heritage.  What I am saying is that you didn’t get to choose.  I didn’t get to choose what race I would be.  If I could have chosen, would I have chosen to be black?  Knowing what I know today, honestly no I wouldn’t.  I am also saying that your heritage is where you came from, but it doesn’t have to determine where you are going.  None of us got to choose where we started, but we all get to choose what we do with what we’ve been given and we all get to choose what direction we go in.  We just have to decide if it is worth the fight, to go against the flow.  Is it worth the pain and discomfort it will cause to facilitate the change or would we rather stay where we are and complain?  Most of us, if we’re honest, we want to see change but we want someone else to be or make the change and we want to enjoy the results.

Change has to take place in each individual’s heart, but it also has to take place in the larger groups.  I have been to many different churches over the years and I have heard hate preached from the pulpits.  Some “Christians” can be the worst ones for being bigoted.  As much as I hate to admit it, some Christians believe they are superior.  They talk about favor, and God protecting “His people”.  Even when the hurricane was coming I heard people say, “God will protect his people”.  We are all His people.  We are all made in His image.  Not just the white men, not just the one’s who have accepted what He has done for them.  We are all God’s people.  If you paint a picture of a god who only loves white people, or Jews, or even only those who have believed, you are peddling a lie!  Jesus died for all humanity, because He (God) loves all humanity.  He did it BEFORE we believed, so that we can believe.

I know this will probably help some people feel angry (because no one can make you angry), but I believe I have to say it.  I don’t want to be a part of the religious establishment who does not want people to express how they feel, because it makes some of them uncomfortable.  I’ve spent too many years in relationships myself that I did not feel comfortable expressing my true feelings because I felt afraid of the consequences.

I don’t believe violence is the answer, it only hurts more people and we need to stop hurting each other.  I don’t think the answer is demeaning people by giving them more than they work for, it is only proving to them that we don’t believe they are capable.  We are all capable.  None of us needs to be taken care of (with the exception of those who are elderly, disabled or children), we can take care of ourselves if we are allowed the opportunity.  We need to stop dividing ourselves with words like black, white, indian and Hispanic and start uniting ourselves by calling each other people.

There are so many things that each of us can bring to the table.  As in any relationship, there are many people with different strengths, gifts, abilities and even weaknesses.  Inside each of us, down through the generations, there are parts of our heritages that we can bring together and do so much more good.  My stepmom came from a Polish family and she taught me to make some of the best Polish food I’ve ever eaten.  My first mother in law was Native American and she could cook the best cantaloupe pie and for years there was no written recipe, it was just something she made up one day.  My next door neighbor, Sam, was one of the nicest men I’ve ever known, when he passed I was truly sad about it.  I went to his funeral and I was one of the few (maybe 5) white people in the church.  I didn’t care.  I respected that man, and cared for him.  He was a logger and he was one of the hardest working men I know.  Even when he was dying from cancer he would go out on that truck, because he knew it had to be done.  There are so many other examples I could use of people of different nationalities and races, people I have come to respect and love; Leon, our friend who owns a Mexican restaurant in town, my friend Kathy who is Sicilian, and her daughters who are mixed Sicilian and black.  I love them and am proud to know them.

I know there is hurt, and I know I have been complicit by not speaking out when I hear things being said that are hurtful.  I am sorry for that.  My heart is that we would all accept each other  as people, and stop allowing our leaders, Christian and otherwise to keep separating us.  We need to stand together, all as one; real change can’t come as long as we continue to be divided.


Food for thought:

Romans 13:8-10  Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.  The commandments, “Do not commit adultery”, “Do not steal”, “Do not covet”, and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  Love does no harm to its neighbor.  Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.


Why I Eat Juice Plus


First, notice that I said, “Why I EAT Juice Plus.”  Juice Plus is food; not a vitamin, not a supplement (although you do supplement your already good diet or your poor diet by eating it), and not a medicine.

Why I started eating Juice Plus.

I started eating Juice Plus so I could get it for my youngest son, who is 16.  He rarely eats vegetables or fruit and as a health coach I know the importance of eating fruits and vegetables every day.  I also started eating Juice Plus because Dr. Sears recommends it and because I realized that I do not eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables myself.

Why I will keep eating Juice Plus.

I will keep eating Juice Plus because when other people are fighting colds and headaches and catching the bugs that go around, I am not.  That is not to say I will never get sick again, I know that is probably not the case.  The fact is, I have not had any of my “normal” allergy problems that I had before eating Juice Plus.  Migraines are almost totally eliminated.  Joint pain is minimal.  Energy level is higher than ever.  And lately I’ve noticed my sense of smell is much more heightened as well, this is not always a good thing.  And just to be honest, as much as I try to eat healthy, I know I need to do a lot better.  Just as a reminder, we should be eating 7 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  This is what I ate yesterday and how many servings of fruits and vegetables were included.


Breakfast:  30 fruits and veggies (My Juice Plus Trio) My coconut/almond milk not so smoothie…1 serving of pumpkin

Lunch: Juice Plus Complete (more fruits and veggies)

Snack: Sweet potato chips with hummus-I think I can count that as one serving of veggies between the chips and the hummus, but I didn’t measure it.

Dinner: Greek Yogurt parfait with maybe a whole strawberry and two blueberries.

Snack: Bacon, egg & cheese cup.

Now you see why it is important to me to eat Juice Plus every day.  If I didn’t eat my juice plus, I might be lucky to say that I eat two or three servings of fruit and veggies per day.  Most days I eat a salad as well, but yesterday was a busy day and I didn’t have time.


Here’s a challenge.  Take a week and write down everything you eat, and keep in context how many servings of fruit and vegetables you are getting in each meal.  Maybe you do better than me.  It will really put things into perspective for you if you keep track for a week.

Why I will never go without my Juice Plus.

When I first started eating Juice Plus, I went to a smoothie party and I heard several people say that they would never stop eating their Juice Plus.  I had only been eating Juice Plus for a couple weeks at that time and hadn’t really noticed any major changes yet, so I was still skeptical.  I tend to like to see for myself about most things, and I don’t just believe everything I hear.  I didn’t realize at that time what a huge change it would make for me personally, but I do now.  I feel exactly the same way:  I will give up just about anything else in my grocery budget in order to keep eating Juice Plus.  I tried juicing; it was ok, but the preparation and clean up was so tedious I just couldn’t make myself keep doing it.  And when I would try making some different juices for variety, sometimes I would ruin the whole batch and it was really expensive.  I know for myself Juice Plus has really simplified my life for me.  I love the Juice Plus complete because I drink that for lunch nearly every day and it takes so little time to pack my lunch.  It costs me $2.00 a day for lunch which is about $5.00 less than when I go to Wendy’s to get a salad.  The only other way I could eat lunch for $2.00 is to go to McDonalds and that is just not going to happen.

I love my Juice Plus.  I wish I had learned about it a long time ago, but maybe I wouldn’t have been ready back then.  Take the challenge.  Write down what you eat every day for a week and see how you’re doing with your fruits and vegetables.  I think you’ll find it very interesting.


If you would like more information about Juice Plus, check out or comment below. 




Prime Time Health

marcia   October 5, 2016   No Comments on Prime Time Health

We had an amazing time Monday night with my first Wine & Wellness event.  We gathered at Hamlet Vineyards, had a few appetizers, a glass of wine or Sangria and learned a little bit about how we can make some positive, but simple changes in our lives.

On October 18, 2016, I will be going more in depth on how to change our lifestyles to improve, adjust, and sometimes completely overhaul our eating habits.  Most of us will admit that we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, we don’t exercise enough and we probably don’t get nearly enough sleep.  As I was going through my health coaching certification process, I learned that even I am not as healthy as I thought I was.  (And I thought I was pretty healthy!)

One of the reasons I went back to school to be a health coach was because I wanted to learn how everything works in our bodies.  Why does fat affect us the way it does?  How much fat is good?  Is all fat bad?  I used to believe that a no fat diet was the very best diet you could possibly use, but I was wrong.  What about how to balance protein and carbs?  Can people who are diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and other illnesses get completely well without prescription medication?  For as long as I can remember I have not wanted to take prescriptions in any form.  It is a very rare occasion that I will take a prescription.  I have to be desperate.

Let me tell you about a time I was desperate.  A few years ago, I got a promotion from working out on the floor, which was a very physical job, to working in an office.  At the time I was just really excited about getting the promotion, which also came with a raise, that I didn’t think about the effects it would have on me physically.  I was in good shape physically, my weight was where it should be, I had muscle tone and other than the “normal” joint pain and migraines & allergies that I had come to accept as part of my life, I felt pretty good.  After only a year of sitting more than I was working physically I started to experience a pain in my hip that was not normal.  Eventually it started to radiate down my leg, and before long the pain was even in the bottom of my foot.  My leg was tense all the time and I felt like I couldn’t relax, even when I was in bed.  I had already been taking ibuprofen pretty much every four hours almost every day, but it wasn’t even making a dent in the pain I was having.  I was going to the chiropractor at least once a month, sometimes even more often than that.  I started adding tylenol to the ibuprofen most days with very little relief.  You may have figured out by now that the pain I was experiencing was sciatica pain.  I looked on the internet for every possible natural remedy that didn’t involve prescriptions.  I had already been to my doctor who recommended steroids, but I refused.  After nearly a year of trying everything, including yoga, using a tennis ball for massage, chiropractor and prayer (continually), I decided it was time to give in and try the prescription.  At that point, I was getting desperate.  Right at the same time I decided to take the prescription, my husband and I decided to go to Alabama for some training related to his job in paint and body repair.  I didn’t know how I was going to ride 9 hours to get to the hotel, but somehow I made it.  After the training we went to visit my older sister in Birmingham for the night.  In the morning, we were getting ready to leave for the 8 1/2  hour drive back home and I was in so much pain that I was in tears.  My sister made a suggestion to me that led me to research a natural anti-inflammatory that I found on the internet that very day.  I had been taking the steroids for almost a week by then with no notable relief.  I stopped taking the steroids and as soon as I got the natural anti-inflammatory I started taking it.  After only taking the natural anti-inflammatory for one week, I started noticing a difference.  After a month, the pain was nearly gone.  After a month and a half, I was so excited that I did not have any more pain in my hip.  That is when I realized how much inflammation affects our bodies.

It was after I went through my trouble with my sciatica that I decided I wanted to go back to school to be a health coach.  I wanted to learn how to be healthy, not just skinny, and how to really be healthy deep down, not just look good.  I realized very quickly that my new sedentary job had a lot to do with my trouble and that I was going to have to intentionally exercise now that my job did not require it from me.

I said all that to say this.  Prime Time Health is all about how to be healthy from the inside out.  It is about all four aspects of health: Lifestyle Exercise Attitude and Nutrition.  We are very diverse people and have different likes, dislikes, desires and gifts, but all of us some of the same things.  We all need a lifestyle that leads us to better health, rather than to growing old too fast.  We all need to move our bodies on a regular basis so that things work the way they’re supposed to with less or no pain.  We all need an attitude that is positive and that shows that we want to succeed at whatever we are doing…a can-do attitude.  And lastly, but possibly most importantly we all need to learn what good nutrition is and how to integrate it into our daily, busy lives.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please contact me for more information.  I will be posting an event on Facebook, for those that follow me there, I will also have an event sign up here on my website so that you can pay for your ticket in advance.  Just look down the left side of the page and you will see it under “Events”.   I will need to know how many people will attend as soon as possible.

I truly believe we can learn how to take better care of ourselves and how we can live a longer, healthier life.  I hope you will join me Oct. 18, 2016 at 6:30 pm.



marcia   September 30, 2016   No Comments on Choices


When it comes to good health it really comes down to making some important choices for your life.  The reason that I became a certified health coach is because I love to teach people how to take better care of their bodies.  You may have seen the video lately “I am not black, you are not white.”  One of the statements he makes in this video is that our bodies are not us, but they do belong to us.  I agree with this.  Our bodies are not who we are any more than our cars are who we are, or our houses are who we are, but it is our responsibility to take care of them because we only get one.

I hear comments a lot about how much someone “loves to eat” and they’re not going to “give up their favorite foods”, or that they like being “fat”.  I will admit, when I was younger, my health addiction was more of a weight obsession, but it has transformed in the last few years to a desire to be truly healthy.  You may say, “I am healthy, why do I need to make changes in my diet?”  Most people who say they are healthy are taking at least one prescription medication on a regular basis.  Some people who say they are healthy struggle when they walk up a flight of stairs.  Others have trouble sleeping, headaches, stomach issues, joint pain and poor skin health just to name a few things.  The problem is that our generation has been brainwashed into believing in a lower standard for health.  We are bombarded with commercials for prescription drugs on television as though it is just a given that we are going to have to take them.  People say all the time, “Well, you hit forty now, it’s all downhill from here.  Everything starts to fall apart once you hit forty.  Who ever decided that forty was the magic age that you have to give up on your good health?


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to accept that at age forty people are going to have to start taking prescriptions to stay “healthy”, but it’s not even forty anymore.  We are seeing diseases and issues in younger and younger people.  And what about all the possible side effects to these prescriptions that are supposedly keeping us healthy?   I know someone who is ten years younger than me that has more sickness and ailments in her body than many people who are much older.  Why?  I think it is partly due to the fact that our food had degraded so much in the last twenty years.  I’m not going to blame women for going to work, so they weren’t home to cook homemade meals.  Men are just as capable of cooking as women are, and if we work together you’d be surprised how much fun it can be.  I have taught both of my sons to cook, so they won’t have that attitude that their wives or girlfriends are solely responsible for that.  Unfortunately, we all eat out too much, we eat too much convenience food and way too much junk food.  Even those of us who do eat food cooked at home are sometimes eating boxed, packaged and processed foods at home.

Do you know why junk food is called “junk food”?  It’s not just because our parents were nags and wanted us to eat what they chose for us.  It is because junk food has very little nutritional value, and normally way too much sugar and salt.  Our bodies need fruits and vegetables to live optimally.  I’m not saying you can’t survive on junk food.  God knows many of our children have spent years living on pizza, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, french fries and twinkies.  What we need to recognize is that our children have been surviving, not thriving.  I am guilty as well.  I didn’t want dinner time to be a fight every day and my youngest son could outlast me, he would just go to be hungry if he didn’t like something I made.  My son also struggles with asthma, allergies and some digestive issues.  Most people don’t realize that asthma and allergies, digestive issues and even many diseases can be reduced and sometimes even completely eliminated by replacing a poor diet with a good one.


So what about these choices?  What if I told you I don’t care about how much you weigh, or your pants size, or your dress size because of how it makes you look?  What if I told you I think every person is beautiful no matter what shape they are?  But what if I also told you that you can be beautiful and unhealthy?  Being overweight does not necessarily equal being unhealthy any more than being skinny equals being healthy.  There are things going on inside of our bodies all the time that we have no idea about.  I know people who are overweight that are not on medications for blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.  I also know people who are skinny who are on more prescriptions than you can imagine.  So what does it all mean?  Each person is different, and that is why dieting is not the answer.  Dieting is typically thought of as a means for a person to lose weight, that is the ultimate goal.  Our goal should be to achieve optimal wellness regardless of what number on a scale goes along with that.

My question for you is this.  Do you want to live a truly healthy life?  Do you want to be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded, or play basketball with your kids or grandkids without feeling like you need two days to recover?  Do you want to recover from joint pain, back problems, sore feet and ankles?  What about all those prescriptions you’re taking for preventable illnesses such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, high cholesterol and numerous other issues?  Do you really want to be able to enjoy your life or do you just want to get by?  I don’t want to live my life from one doctor visit to the next, I want to be as healthy as I can be for as long as I can be.  I think this is totally possible and it really isn’t as hard as you might think.

I hear a lot from my family, “Why do you always have to fix so much healthy food?”  Most people have allowed themselves to retrain (brainwash) their bodies, some from a very young age, to like the most unhealthy food.  Our bodies were designed in the most beautiful way to know what it should eat, it is called “wisdom of the body”.  Whether you believe we were created or we came about some other way, you cannot deny the hundreds of studies out there that prove that our bodies were made to regenerate and heal itself.  The catch is that you have to give your body the right fuel in order to have the right building blocks so that it can heal itself.  You can eat whatever you want, most food even if it is processed and “unhealthy” will sustain you.  The question is do you just want to live, or do you want to thrive?  Maybe another good question is what is your definition of thriving?  My definition of thriving has changed dramatically in the last few years.


So, yes, there are some choices to be made.  First, you have some decisions to make.  Do you want to keep going like you are today, going from one doctor to another to find out what might work for the ailment of the month?  Do you want to wait until you are sick and dependent on doctors and prescriptions just to keep you alive?  Or do you want to start now taking control of your own health and stop depending on doctors to take care of it for you, who by the way make a living off your sickness.  I know that sounds terrible, but it’s the truth.  I went to speak with a doctor a few weeks ago about placing some brochures in his waiting room for his patients to read.  I left copies of the brochures I wanted to leave and waited.  I stopped in a couple days later to check on them and the receptionist said the doctors wife was looking them over and they would get back to me.  Again, a few days later I stopped in to check on them.  This time the receptionist said she would have the doctors wife call me when she made a decision.  A few hours later I had a message on my phone that said, “The doctors wife asked me to call you and tell you that they don’t recommend that to their patients.”  They don’t recommend whole fruits and vegetables grown in strictly monitored farms and tested for any type of bacteria, pesticides or any other chemicals before being juiced, then dried at temperatures that will not affect the nutrients, then powdered and placed in capsules or gummies?  They don’t recommend something that could possibly help them to get over a very difficult illness?  I wonder why that is?  Think about it.


We really have to be responsible for our own health.  With health care costs on the rise, and the cancer epidemic as well as all of the other preventable illnesses we need to be educated about what will benefit us in the long run.  I have never put my hands in the hands of a stranger and expected them to care about my health.  Don’t get me wrong, I go to the doctor when I need to, I don’t know it all.  Fortunately for me, though, those doctor visits are very few and far between and they are getting to be fewer and fewer for my son as well.


If you want to learn more about how to take back the responsibility for your own health care, please send me a message or comment on this post.  I am planning to have a Prime Time Health class starting in October.  If you are interested, please comment below and I will send you all the information.  I will also have a sign up form on my website soon.

Have a great day!



Wine & Wellness

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I am so excited!  I’m getting ready to have a wine & wellness workshop at Hamlet Vineyard in Bassett, Virginia!  I have been trying to find just the right place and last Sunday I went to visit Hamlet Vineyard and it is so beautiful!  I didn’t take any pictures of the inside, but I sat on the tasting patio and it was heavenly.  As you can see, the vines are all right there!  In case you didn’t know anything about Hamlet Vineyards, they are located at 405 Riverside Drive in Bassett, right after you pass CVS the driveway is on the left. 🙂


My husband wasn’t feeling well that day, but he was nice enough to still go with me and wait in the truck so I could visit with Virginia and have a glass of Sangria.  You see I’m not much of a wine drinker myself, but my three sisters love it, so I try it every now and then.  They had this beautiful pitcher of wine with fruit floating in it and I just had to try it.  It was delicious!


It is so peaceful and out of the way at Hamlet Vineyards and they have a room inside where we will be able to meet, drink some wine (or non alcoholic beverages if you prefer) and have some appetizers while I share some stories about wellness and learning how we can live a life of good health.

I had a couple more pictures that I took on Sunday, but I realized there were people in them that I had not asked permission to post their picture, so I guess you will have to come see for yourself.

I will need to know exactly how many people will be coming by September 26, 2016, so if you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible.  There are several ways to sign up!  I will be adding a Facebook event this afternoon that you can comment in the discussion, you can comment on this post, you can email me at, or you can call me at 276-252-0686.  I will be posting more information on Facebook and handing out flyers as well.  I’m really excited about this, I hope you will join me.

Here is where you can find me on Facebook!


Have a great day! 




Let’s Fight Back Together!!!


Have you ever got a phone call, email or text message from a friend, or maybe an old friend you haven’t heard from in years, that said, “Hey!  I just want to tell you about this new thing.”  And you think to yourself, “Oh, no, what are they selling?”  I know, I’ve gotten those phone calls, emails and texts, too.  Sometimes, what they are selling is good.  Sometimes I have no use for it, but I at least try to give them the time to share it with me because most of the time they are moms trying to make a little extra money without having to leave their babies.  I can relate to this idea.  I went to work when my oldest was three so I could help out a little financially.  I missed out on a lot of my kids’ younger years and their growing up years in the name of taking care of my family.  I made my choices, some days I wish I had known a little better way.

The point is, I have a really hard time calling people, emailing people, and texting people to tell them about Juice Plus.  I don’t want to be annoying, I don’t want to engage people in conversations that they are only being tolerant to involve themselves in.  The problem is, that I really do believe in Juice Plus.  I believe it really can make a difference in so many people’s lives if they were willing to try it, but the question is, how do you talk to people about something when there is already so much out there.  I picture walls going up the minute I even think about talking about it.  I really do understand, though, sometimes my walls go up, too.

So, I decided to write a post sharing my heart with you.

My dad passed away in 2013 and if you still have your parents you will only understand the impact when you lose one.  If you have already lost one or both of your parents you will understand what I am about to say.  When my dad died, my whole world turned upside down, or maybe it started turning right side up.  I won’t go into a lot of details, but on the outside my life looked pretty good, but on the inside I was broken and desperate.  After dad died, I decided my life was going to change.  I needed to find a purpose other than proving I was as good as a man, or that I was worth something in general, or proving I could be a success in a “man’s world”.  So, I started back then praying and asking God, “Isn’t there more to life than THIS?”

In September of 2015, God answered my prayer.  I learned about Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and I decided to pursue a career as a health coach.  Starting in October, I took classes until February of 2016 and received my certification.  I was so excited.  I have struggled with my weight my whole life and now I had finally learned how to actually BE HEALTHY instead of skinny.  I know when you look at me you are probably thinking, “She struggles with her weight?”  Most of my family and friends who have known me my whole life know that I have never been fat.  Well, unless you count when I was pregnant with my first son, I kind of let myself eat whatever I wanted for the first time in a lot of years.  When I say I struggled with my weight I mean I struggled with my perception of my body.  I had anorexia, so when I looked in the mirror I saw fat, no matter how thin I was.  I believed that thin meant healthy, but I also had a very distorted view of my self so no matter how I looked, it was never good enough.  Starting my health coaching journey with Dr. Sears, talking with my very good friend and counselor, and starting to go to zumba all started reforming the way I looked at myself.

During this whole process, I learned about Juice Plus.  Dr. Sears recommended it and it is the only supplement he takes.  He is in his 70’s and he is not on any medication at all.  He has recovered from colon cancer and he is a very well known pediatrician in California as well as all over the United States.  One of the main things Dr. Sears taught me is that we need to consume nine to twelve servings of fruits & vegetables every day, and there needs to be a wide variety at that.  A serving size is the size of your own fist, by the way.  As an anorexic, the thought of eating my fist sized anything was ridiculous, and to think of doing it nine times a day was just not even a possibility.  So when I learned about Juice Plus, I loved the idea!  I really got it for my youngest son Isaac, he doesn’t eat ANY vegetables, and isn’t really interested in trying them.  Well, that was before he started taking Juice Plus, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.   I signed up for the Child Health Study right away, because the idea of getting my fruits and vegetables so easy and getting some into Isaac was a perfect idea for me.

With the child health study, whoever signs you up for it partners with you to get your child’s Juice Plus free.  You pay for your Juice Plus, and we take care of your child’s.  What other company offers that? (I believe so much in Juice Plus that I am willing to share in the expense for you to get your child started.)  So I signed up right away.  We started taking Juice Plus in April of 2016.  My friend, Sarah, who signed me up said that it could take up to 4 months to notice any difference at all.  That’s why with Juice Plus an order consists of a 4 month supply.  It takes time to get your body back to what it should be.  I noticed a difference within a couple of weeks.  Now remember, I was thin, and I was already working out a little; walking, biking, kayaking a little here and there.  I was already eating healthy.  I had quit diet drinks several years ago, and I haven’t drank a regular drink since I was in high school.  I eat vegetables, and low fat meats, and I don’t eat a lot of bread, but I wasn’t getting anywhere near the 9-12 fruits and vegetables every day.  So, the first thing I noticed was that my headaches were gone.  After starting my health coach studies I had already started cutting out many of the artificial ingredients & preservatives I had been consuming and was already starting to feel better.   I had suffered from scitica pain, joint pain and headaches for many years.  I have not taken ibuprofen or tylenol in close to a year now.  I have had to take medicine for migraines maybe three times since I started taking Juice Plus.  If I didn’t get any other relief at all, that would be worth the $71 a month alone.  Not only that, but Isaac has become more aware of the things he is eating and he’s even agreed to start trying vegetables to see if his tastes are changing.  Normally in the fall his allergies are so bad he can barely breathe and he normally ends up missing school and using his inhaler continually.  So far this fall, his inhaler use has been minimal and I don’t think he’s even taking his allergy medicine at all.  Also, in the process of Isaac and I starting on Juice Plus, my husband and my oldest son have decided to start taking it, too!  These may not seem like big deals to some, but to me they’re huge.

There are so many other benefits to taking Juice Plus.  The thing is, when God created us, he created us to heal ourselves.  In the Garden of Eden we were given every green thing to eat, and I believe our bodies were pretty much indestructible.  After the fall, of course things changed, but I don’t think God intended for them to change quite as much as they have.  I know that God told Peter that all things are clean now, and I believe he meant people (both genders, all races) as well as animals, trust me I’m not a vegetarian….yet. 🙂  I also have seen and heard so many people talk about their stories of healing and good health after starting to take better care of their bodies.  We have allowed ourselves to start eating things that I don’t believe God ever intended us to eat.  There are so many chemicals in our diets that are causing so many diseases.

I’m not going to tell you that taking Juice Plus can change your life, that is for you to decide.  I can’t tell you that Juice Plus can cure diseases.  It’s not a miracle cure, or a magic pill, but it is whole food….it is fruits and vegetables, 30+ of them, and a huge variety.  It is really easy to take and very inexpensive, especially if you are juicing right now.  It is just like juicing except without the mess, without the grocery store trip trying to figure out which fruits and vegetables are organic, or what will taste good.  I’ve wasted a lot of juice, because the combination just didn’t taste good.  I can tell you that many people, including people with cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, psoriasis, eczema, high blood pressure, anxiety, asthma, auto-immune disorders, ibs, ADHD, autism, and so many other disorders and diseases have shared their stories of how Juice Plus has helped them in so many ways.  Some stories are of remission, some are of complete healing, and others are stories of just improving their quality of life while dealing with a certain issue.  There are so many people around the world that have been helped just by adding the RIGHT foods into their diet, by flooding their bodies every day with fruits and vegetables, just like God created us to do.

I know this has been long, and I hope you have made it this far.  I don’t want to be annoying, and I don’t want people to run when they see me coming, but I have something very valuable to share.  I know this is not the same as sharing the Good News of Jesus, but I hope you will allow me to make a comparison.  When I found out that God loves me no matter what, even after I accepted Jesus into my life, and that Grace is for ME, I wanted to share it with everyone.  I think people got tired of hearing me talk about it. But I was excited!  This was really good news for me!   I am so excited about Juice Plus, because we need our spirit rescued and redeemed, but we also need our bodies redeemed.  I believe I can make a difference in so many people’s lives by sharing what I have learned about health and specifically Juice Plus, and I want to share it with everyone I know!  I see so many people posting about how someone else they know has been diagnosed with cancer, or some other disease or they have something wrong that no one can figure out.  I want so bad to send them an email and tell them about Juice Plus, but I worry that they will think I am just being an opportunist.  That is not the case, I really truly want to help and I believe that Juice Plus can help!

I refuse to be a pest, and I will not try to sell you something that you don’t want, but I do want to share the information with you. 

If you want to know more about Juice Plus or how to make some changes specifically in relation to your health and eating habits, please feel free to email me at, send me a message on facebook or twitter or check out my websites.  I really want to make a difference in lives that will last a lifetime!

Tower Garden Update

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You know, I really consider myself to be fairly intelligent, definitely not dumb,but when it comes to websites and downloading/uploading pictures and getting them to work right, it can make even the smartest person feel a little dumb.  Several days ago I took pictures with my phone, thinking I could just upload them to my website right from there and it would be so simple.  Not simple at all.  I ended up taking the pictures again with my camera and loading them on to my computer so I could attempt to get them uploaded without such a struggle.  So this is the resulting update. 🙂


We had a few pretty dry weeks, so my dirt garden is looking a little rough.  Actually, everything except the peppers are pretty well done for.  I did water a little bit here and there, but for the most part, I kind of let nature have it’s way.  I have gotten a total of about 2 1/2  dozen tomatoes from the tomato plants in my dirt garden.


My tower garden on the other hand, is still flourishing.



These pictures were taken last week.  I had so much trouble with my website uploading pictures that I couldn’t get things to work right until now.  Having faster internet has certainly helped!

TG 8416 2

TG 8416 1



I had to trim off some dead leaves, etc. so these are pictures I took today.



The following pictures are of my traditional dirt garden.  It is looking pretty sad.



So far I only have two new flowers on my dirt garden tomatoes, at least most of the leaves are still green.  I’ve trimmed back all the dead leaves, so there’s not much left.  As you can see, I’ve kind of let the weeds grow up again, too.  It has been way too hot to be out there weeding the garden.   On my tower garden I have dozens of flowers and I counted 17 tomatoes and 7 peppers so far.

The peppers were my most successful plants in my traditional garden.  I harvested a bunch of hot banana peppers and a new pepper that I tried this year called a Cajun Bell.  They are pretty spicy, but really good.  The bell peppers have not done very well, I think I’ve harvested two and I have about four out there now.  I’m counting on my tower garden to come through on those.

In all I harvested about 3 dozen tomatoes from my traditional garden, and I had about twenty plants.  I have harvested nearly a dozen from the tower garden and I have seventeen more growing.  The only thing I’ve noticed is that it seems the growing time for the tower garden is longer than the traditional garden.  I did put the tower garden under my step daughters arch from her wedding since it was here and I didn’t want the hot Southern Virginia sun beating down on my tomatoes in the heat of the day.  Oh, I almost forgot!  My basil in the tower garden is still doing great as well.  I have to say my herbs that I grew in dirt this year have done very well.  Next year I plan to grow even more herbs since I have figured out how to grow them now.





I am really happy with my tower garden so far.  It has really been very little physical work at all.  I check it just about every day, mainly because I sit at the table right next to it every chance I get.  I check to make sure the water level is right, and I check the pH fairly regularly as well.  The tomatoes seem to like the higher pH but the peppers not so much.  It really is quite simple, even when I have to trim the roots back.  The only thing I’m wondering is how am I going to move this inside in the fall?  I’m tempted to build a screened porch that I can close up in the winter just to keep my tower garden growing all year!





Serious about my health


I am pretty serious about my health, I always have been.  When I was young, maybe even as early as 5 years old, I started having headaches.  Back then there wasn’t a lot of information in our circle about migraines, but as I’ve gotten older I believe they were migraine headaches.  My mother has said that I would come inside from playing and lay on the couch and cry because my head would hurt so bad.  She would try to get me to stop crying because it only made it worse, but as a small child you can’t always understand how that works.  My mother and grandmother tried to research and find out what could be causing the headaches, they thought maybe allergies, but my grandmother passed away when I was 13 before really finding out what was causing my headaches.  We didn’t go to the doctor all the time, which I’m thankful for today, so we didn’t have a lot of tests done or take any prescriptions.  I remember taking Tylenol to school with me as early as 10 or 11 years old, just so I could get through the day.

When I was around 21 or 22, maybe even when I gave birth to my oldest son, my headaches seemed to lessen.  I had spent a good share of my teen years starving myself so that I could lose weight, so it’s very likely that nutrition had a part in causing the headaches.  As I got older, I noticed that certain times of the month the headaches would appear for a few days and it was my father who introduced me to Excedrin for Migraines.  I literally lived on that stuff for a while.  Fortunately for me, if I caught the headache early, the Excedrin would usually kick in (especially if I drank a cup of coffee with it) after about 30 minutes and I could feel sort of human.

I also struggled with joint pain from a very young age.  My paternal grandmother had crippling arthritis, so I guess I just assumed I was going to have arthritis as well, so I just accepted it.  I started taking ibuprofen on a pretty regular basis starting in my late teens.

Even though I was experiencing quite a bit of pain, I never liked the idea of taking prescription medication.  When I gave birth to my first son I planned to have him naturally, without any medication.  Unfortunately we had to have an emergency C-section so natural didn’t happen, but even when I came home from the hospital and they wanted to prescribe me something for pain I didn’t want to take it.  When I had both of my bunions removed at the same time they gave me some sort of pain prescription which I took the very first day.  It made me sleep so much I decided to stop taking it.  I have a hard time understanding how people can get addicted to something that just makes them sleep all the time.  I totally understand being so depressed that you would rather sleep, but I am just way too active for that.  Exercise definitely does more for me than sleeping does.


My point in all this is that I really hate prescription medicine for anything.  There are too many adverse side effects and most of the time you’re only masking the symptoms.  So, about a year ago I began researching a diet that would help with inflammation and pain so that I could live a life that reflected how young I feel, even if I’m not really that young. 🙂  The very best diet for inflammation, pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and many other ailments and diseases is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and lean meats (preferably poultry and fish), nuts, grains and beans.  The Mediterranean diet is a great example of this type of diet.  I started trying to implement the Mediterranean diet as soon as possible, but I found it was really difficult to get enough fruits and vegetables in my diet.  I love fruits and vegetables, but I just couldn’t eat enough of them.

After I started eating more fruits and vegetables I noticed a change in my headaches.  I was getting them much less frequently.  Then I found Juice Plus.  Juice Plus is a capsule or a gummy that you take every day.  It is not a vitamin.  It is whole fruits and vegetables, including the skin and seeds.  This is a quote from an article I read today:

Research shows that 90% of a fruit’s or vegetable’s antioxidant power is in the peel or just below the skin. Does your supplement contain the peel, skin and pulp? More importantly, is it safe to take these isolated supplements in a pill rather than as part of the food they naturally occur in? Or could there be side effects from taking them in a way that is not natural to our body?

The naturally occurring compounds in whole foods allow the body to identify the nutrients, thus the body can use what it needs and discard or store any excess of the nutrients.

Since I started taking Juice Plus in April of this year, I can count on one hand how many migraines I’ve had.  The few headaches that I’ve had have been very mild and I think I have only taken Excedrin twice.  I have not taken any ibuprofen for pain in over 6 months.  For those who don’t know me very well, this might not seem like a very big deal, but I was taking ibuprofen every 4 hours while I was awake pretty much daily.  I no longer struggle with sciatica pain, I have minimal (almost non-existent) migraines, and very little joint pain.  I do occasionally have muscle pain related to zumba, walking or other exercise that I have implemented into my life to reduce the amount of time I am sitting at my desk.

I share all this with you because I believe in Juice Plus.  I believe in a healthy diet with exercise, and I believe that people can and should be healthy.  We can all take control of our own health if we really want to. It isn’t always easy.  I know trying to change our diets in the world of fast food and eating out more than we eat at home can be difficult.  If I had the money to open a fresh fast food restaurant I would do it in a minute.  We need more healthy options out there!  For now, I am going to keep telling people about Juice Plus and I’m going to keep buying it for my family, because I know it works!

fruits  smoothies

If you want more information about the health benefits of Juice Plus, including helping with symptoms from chemo therapy and other cancer related side effects, check out my website at or email me at with any questions you may have.


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caboose left

It seems to be a common theme lately in the things I’ve been reading that we just have to learn to live in today.  I think all of our lives we’re taught to plan for the future in one way or another.  From the time we are born our parents are thinking way ahead so they can help us figure out what we’re supposed to do with the rest or our lives.  When we are in school, we wish time would go by faster so we can get home and play, watch tv, play video games, or talk to our friends.  When we are at work, unless we really love our jobs, we’re wishing we could get home to do all those things we want to do at home.

Looking back I have found that most stages of my life I have wished I could be at a different stage.  Especially when I’m going through something really difficult, I wish it would pass, I wish for better days, hope for things to improve.  The problem with that view of life is that we are always looking for something else, something other than what we have right now.  The truth is, all we have is right now.  There is no guarantee that tomorrow will even come, but we wish for things, hope for things and dream about what could be.  Obviously, dreaming, hoping and believing are a very necessary and important part of life.  The problem comes in when we don’t take care of today, because we’re too busy worrying about, or planning for tomorrow.

I can remember when my first husband and I were struggling financially.  I had a budget figured out that would help us get out of debt and hopefully save some money.  Each week I would look at the bills that needed to be paid and figure out how much of the paycheck had to go to each bill.  All week long I waited for that paycheck so I could pay those bills and mark one more thing of my list.  Then payday would come, I would go to the bank, pay the bills and get a few groceries and then I would start waiting for the next paycheck.  It was a sad routine, not one I would wish on anyone.

Its easy to tell someone to stop trying to live in the future and live in today, but its a little harder to actually do it.  We need to make some plans, have some goals and dream about the future, we just can’t live there.  If you have kids, you know how hard it is not to be thinking way into the future and trying to figure out how to help them get where they (or maybe just we) want to go.

I’ll be honest with you.  I haven’t mastered this living in today yet.  I’m still working on it, and I have to keep reminding myself to do it.  I like making lists and marking things off, I like setting goals and reaching them, and I like having a plan, but more than that I want to actually enjoy the little unplanned things that happen.  Like selling my car yesterday after trying for over a year with no success.  Now I have to find another car a little quicker than I anticipated, but I am looking forward to enjoying the experience and trying not to rush it by.  Hopefully I will even find a car that I really like, so I don’t keep wishing for a different one.

My youngest son will be a junior in high school this fall and I distinctly remember wishing he would get out of the terrible twos!  Now I find myself wishing he would slow down a little.  I think as we get older, we all wish things would slow down a little.  My best advice is, try to enjoy today.  Try not to numb yourself to the problems, or the pain or the difficulties.  Try to learn from them the best you can and experience everything life has for you.  The more you learn to accept that today is all you really have, the easier it will be to actually enjoy it and the easier it will be to let other people enjoy it, too. Let your kids be kids today, learn to laugh at the silly things that they find funny.    Let yourself live and feel and experience every moment that comes to you.  If you don’t like how things are going, figure out how to change it.  If you do like how your life is going right now, find a way to keep things that way.

Most of all, take care of yourself today.  Do the things today that will help make you healthier, stronger, happier and wiser.  Read that book you’ve been meaning to read.  Take that walk, or go buy that kayak you’ve been talking about.  Call that person you really want to talk to, but haven’t had the nerve to contact yet.  Do the very best thing you can for yourself today, and then tomorrow you can do it all again.


Iced Coffee & Relationships


Some days I just wish things were easy.  Well, let’s be honest, most days I wish things were easy, but they rarely are easy.  It would have been easier to stop at Sheetz or McDonald’s (yuk) on my way home from work today instead of buying a bag of ice and coming home and making my own iced coffee.  I have figured out though, that I really prefer my own iced coffee and it’s much less expensive than most places.  I know it seems like a silly reference, but I love coffee, and especially iced coffee on a hot afternoon, so coffee it is.

My life right now is very mixed up.  I’m trying to learn as much as I can so I can help people learn how to live more healthy.  I’m trying to share about Juice Plus as often as I can so I can help as many people as I can to add more fruits and vegetables to their diet.  I’m trying to exercise myself, as well as teach other people how to get active and move more.  Even more than all that, in the last several years I have been trying to figure out who I am.  And now, in the midst of all this (and more), my marriage is seriously on the rocks.  My family is hurting and my husband and I are trying to figure out where we go from here, but more importantly, HOW we go from here.

I was talking to my sister yesterday and she said something that really stuck with me.  She said if you don’t know how, you can learn.  Seems so simple, but it’s true.   And to learn, sometimes you have to find someone smarter, or maybe just more experienced than you and be willing to learn from them. It’s hard to admit when you’ve allowed things to get so bad that you just don’t want to deal with them anymore.  It’s even harder to admit that you’ve known things were bad for a long time and you just weren’t willing to do what you needed to in order to make things right.  We all get that way sometimes.

Really everything in life can be related to our relationships and iced coffee.  When you let things go in a relationship, it starts to get unhealthy, but you don’t always get it taken care of right away.  Then eventually, things get so unhealthy that you wonder if you shouldn’t just scrap it and start over.  Lots of people have allowed their bodies to get to a point that they are unhealthy and they either don’t know how to get better or they’re not willing to make the changes it will take to get healthy again.  So, they go for the quick fix and get a prescription, hoping it will make them feel better, and for a while it does.  But eventually they realize they are spending a lot of money on medications that really aren’t fixing the problem, they are really only masking the symptoms.  Most people realize, even if they don’t want to admit it, that unless you get to the core problem, you’ll never really be healthy.  It’s true of your physical health and its true in the health or your relationships.  In both cases, it takes a lot of determination and dedication to make the changes that are necessary for healing.  In the case of relationships, all of the people involved really have to be committed to making changes or the relationship(s) will not survive.  Fortunately, when it comes to our bodies, we are the only ones who really have to be committed to making the changes.

How does all this relate to iced coffee?  Well, if I stop on my way home from work and get iced coffee from somewhere, nine times out of ten I’m going to be disappointed.  It takes a little more time and effort on my part to come home and make it myself, but it is so much better.  I am rarely ever disappointed in my own iced coffee.

Even at my age, I realize that I have a lot to learn about relationships.  I am still learning about myself, who I am, who I want to be, and where I’m going.  I am willing to take the time to learn more about how I can improve, what I need to do to have better relationships, and what it’s going to take for my marriage to survive what seems to be a major shipwreck.  I am also willing to learn what it’s going to take to be healthy, both physically and emotionally, and I’m willing to commit to doing what it takes.  I know it won’t be easy.  Sometimes I will probably feel like giving up, scrapping it and starting over, and I’ll probably feel like running away sometimes.  The truth is, there are lots of times in life that I have run away, scrapped it and started over and even quit, but the best results come from sticking with it, working hard, and seeing things through. It takes more work, but it really is better in the long run.

I know this is really kind of personal, but I think that sometimes we have to share who we really are with each other.  I don’t have it all together.  Sometimes I don’t eat right, some days I just don’t feel like exercising, and some days I’m not as nice as I wish I was, but I keep at it.  Sometimes it just helps to know that we are all in this together, and we can help encourage each other and try to be positive, even when things don’t look all that positive.  There is a writer that I follow, Glennon Doyle Melton, who says, “We can do hard things” and it’s true.  We CAN do hard things, especially if we do them together.