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I have found that any time I’ve wanted to change something about my life, or improve on something I’m already doing, it’s always easier with a friend.  My son and I started going to the gym a while back and I have never liked going to the gym.  My husband and I joined Planet Fitness back in January, because they opened a new site right down the road from my job.  A bunch of people from work go there right after they get off work as well.  The great thing about Planet Fitness is that there is no judgement.  If you have never worked out, it doesn’t matter.  You can wander around and check out all the machines and they even have instructions on how to use them right on the machines.  I definitely needed this, because if I had to figure out some of them on my own I’m sure it would be hilarious.  The only problem with us joining is that my husband works a lot, most of the time until later in the evening and then he’s really too tired to go to the gym.  And if I come home from work and sit down, I’m not going back out again more than likely.  So, my son decided he wanted to go to the gym to get in shape and he probably liked the idea of mom picking him up at school on those days as well.  I don’t know why it is, but the days that my son doesn’t feel like going to the gym, I usually decide not to go as well.  It’s not that I don’t still want to work out, it’s just that it’s better when there’s someone with you.  Maybe you’re not like that, maybe you like working out alone, but most of us do better if we have someone there telling us to keep going when we want to quit, and giving us an additional reason to go.  That’s another reason I like zumba so much.  Doing zumba with a bunch of other people motivates me to keep going, even when I’m tired and my arms are burning and my legs are burning, I want to keep going.  So find a buddy, someone with the same goals as you have and work together!  It’s a lot more fun!

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