Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

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So, you’ve decided to accept yourself, today, like you are.  Because, I mean, what choice do we really have?  We are who we are today.  Yes, we want to improve, whether it’s our weight, our health, or our attitude, but this is what we have right now.  And hopefully you’ve found a friend, spouse, or relative to walk with you on this journey.  Now, start with baby steps.  You know the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Living the L.E.A.N lifestyle is the same way, we start with one little thing and go from there.  So choose one thing that you want to start doing differently and get started.  I’ll give you some good ideas to start with and you will find that you can think of some on your own, too.

  1.  Start moving more.  Even a little bit of exercise helps a lot when you are used to living a sedentary lifestyle.  Start walking, even once a week at first, then as you get more comfortable, walk farther, more often.
  2. Eat more real food.  By real food I mean things that grow in the ground, things that start out being alive.  Fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats all qualify as real food, but more importantly, try to eat these things in the most minimally processed way as possible.  Processed foods are really not good for you, especially if they have a lot of added ingredients that are supposed to enhance the flavor or lengthen the shelf life.
  3. Laugh more.  Laughing is good exercise for your abdominal muscles.  A good laugh can be a workout, and a lot more fun for some people! 🙂  Watch a good comedy or just get with some friends who make you laugh and have some fun!  Laughing also releases the feel good hormones in your body that help you heal.
  4. Rest.  When I say rest, I don’t necessarily mean sit on the couch all night instead of doing something productive (like wash dishes..ugh,I hate washing dishes).  What I do mean is try to actually relax.  For some people this means reading a good book, or watching a television show, or even cleaning ( weird I know, but I know some people who find it really relaxing).  Most of all, make sure you are getting enough sleep.  If you are having trouble sleeping, try drinking chamomile tea before bed.  It tastes really good and it helps you to wind down.

The most important thing is don’t be hard on yourself.  This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  Life is full of amazing things to do and eat and experience.  If you get the chance to go to the Cheesecake Factory with a friend, go…eat some cheesecake, experience it!  Love every bite, and don’t feel guilty afterwards.  This life is about love, joy, and trying new things, and it is to be enjoyed.  Don’t focus on quitting, focus on trying new things, good things, better things, then your body will eventually quit those things on its own.  Give yourself some grace and lets just take it one step at a time!

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