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This is my new Tower Garden!  I got it last week and I decided to document my progress in putting it together, planting the seeds and growing my own fresh vegetables.  When it comes, it’s in a very large box, but it’s not terribly heavy so you can move it around pretty well where you want it.

tower on table

This is everything that was in the Tower Garden box.  It looks like a lot, but it’s really pretty simple to put together.  I did it all in about 30 minutes or so.

tower set up

I will say it is a little bigger than I pictured, but still easy enough to move around and light enough to pick up and move myself if I need to.  I took it to a vendor fair last weekend and it wasn’t all that difficult to transport.


This is right after I planted the seeds.  I have them in the house to start with, after they get big enough I will put them in the tower garden and hopefully put them out on my front porch.


After only a few days, I already have sprouts!  Mostly the lettuces have sprouted, but I’m sure in just a few days my tomatoes and eggplant and peppers will be coming up as well!   As soon as they are big enough to transplant into the tower garden, I will post more pictures!!!

This past weekend, May 13, 2016, I worked on setting up my tower garden with the plants in it and got my raised garden weeded out and planted.

tower garden set up

It took me about an hour to get the water in the base, add the proper amount of minerals, and then test the ph and get it set up correctly.  Then just a few minutes to put the plants in the mesh pots and turn it on.  I tried to choose a spot in my front yard where it will get sun, but not too much of the hot afternoon sun.  Then, last night the temps got down to 34 degrees.  I’m hoping when I get home today my plants are still alive.  Also on Friday, I spent several hours getting the weeds out of my raised garden and then finally planting my raised garden.

full garden weeds

garden partially weeded

garden weeded

garden planted

For anyone who has ever prepared and planted a garden, you know just how much work it is.  It takes time and a lot of effort to get all the weeds out and then run the tiller one more time.  My husband usually does the tilling, but this time I really wanted to get the garden in on Friday, so I did it myself.  He makes it look a lot easier than it is, I can tell you that much.  The end result is that I have 36 plants in my raised garden.  I have 2 zucchini squash plants, 4 yellow squash, 3 different types of peppers (6 plants in all), one mini eggplant and the rest are tomatoes.  All of this is planted in approximately 160 square feet  of dirt.  I also have 20 plants in my tower garden (if they survived the cold last night) including eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and basil and the tower garden only takes up about 2 square feet.

I really enjoy getting out and working in the yard, I welcome the exercise, but I know there are some people who cannot get out and work in a garden.  And there are people who don’t have the space to grow a garden as well.  People in some states really struggle with being able to water their gardens, so quite often they don’t even try to grow their own food.  These situations are where the tower garden is so helpful.  The initial investment in water is only 20 gallons, and over time you will  need to add more a little at a time.  The investment in the tower garden itself may seem a little pricey at first, but when you can harvest all year it really does pay for itself.  I am looking forward to having fresh tomatoes growing in my house all year long, so I don’t have to buy those bland, flavorless tomatoes you get in the grocery store anymore. To find out more information about the tower garden, you can visit my website at

tg update

This is how my plants look today.  I did lose the original seedlings to the very cold night we had unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago.  I bought new plants at the farm market and washed all the dirt off the roots and planted them in the tower garden.  They are growing very well and I actually already have a tiny tomato growing already.  I can’t wait to see how quickly they grow.  My dirt garden is doing very well also! (May 30, 2016)

I thought it may be time for an update on the tower garden.  I spent a couple of hours the last two nights weeding my dirt garden and staking up my tomatoes.  I will say they have gotten a little out of hand.  Here in Southern Virginia it has been a little cooler the last two days so I was thankful for that, but it was still pretty hot.  I thought it would be funny to share that I spent several hours working on my dirt garden and then I spent about 10 minutes checking the ph on my tower garden (which was perfect, by the way) and looking over my plants.  The tower garden plants are not as thick as the ones in the garden, but they look very healthy and I have a few tomatoes already.

garden 1  garden 2

tower garden 1tower garden 2

I’m really looking forward to comparing the harvest when I start getting tomatoes and peppers.  My basil on the tower garden is looking really great!  I will have to discipline myself to count how many I get each time or I’ll forget to compare!  (updated 6/10/2016)

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