Today’s Tip: Accepting facts

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Have you ever had someone tell you something that you didn’t like?  I think it happens to all of us at one time or another.  When we were kids we probably heard stuff we didn’t like all the time: you can’t eat candy or ice cream for dinner, go outside and play, stop hitting your brother/sister, slow down, speed up, there are just too many to remember.  The kind of things I’m talking about are a little different.  The kind of things some people don’t like to hear as adults are: you can’t move up in that company, you aren’t skinny enough, you aren’t pretty enough, you don’t make enough money, you don’t have a nice enough house, car, etc.  Those are just a few.

The things I talked about in the previous paragraph are things we don’t like to hear, but most of them are not facts.  You actually COULD eat candy or ice cream for dinner, you really don’t HAVE TO go outside and play, you could keep hitting someone if you really want to and lets face it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There are some facts that people do need to accept though.  If you DO eat candy or ice cream for dinner, chances are you’re going to be sick.  If you don’t go outside to play, maybe there won’t be terrible consequences for that, but if you do keep hitting someone, you will end up on the receiving end sooner or later.

The truth, or facts if you will, is that we CAN do whatever we want.  The fact is, there will be consequences for whatever we do, good or bad.  Most of us are in the midst of consequences in some form or another right now.  If we went out and charged up credit cards to buy Christmas presents we are in the “after” phase now.  It was so exciting running around buying gifts we knew everyone would just love, now the truth comes to light, we will be paying on those cards possibly for the whole next year to pay them back.  That’s not such a good feeling.

We also might be experiencing the consequences of overindulging during Christmas, and God help us, New Year’s is coming up!  You’re probably thinking, “As soon as that New Year’s Eve party is over I’m going on a diet!”  The problem is that a significant number of New Year’s resolutions never become a reality.

When I was a kid, I remember a saying, “Garbage in, Garbage out”.  I’m sure that saying was referring to what we were putting in our minds, and I agree that is true.  The fact is, that if you are constantly putting garbage into your body, the results are not going to be pretty.  Some of the consequences of not eating properly and exercising are high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers, high cholesterol, obesity, low energy, acne, and the list goes on.  The fact is that you are able to be in control of all these things if you want to be.  You can take back what is yours, your health care.

We have put way too much of our responsibilities as humans in the hands of someone else.  We should be taking care of our own selves, not expecting a doctor to put us back together when we have been careless and even intentionally harming our bodies.  Some people really don’t know how to care for themselves, they’ve never been taught. Other people know and make poor choices anyway.  There are some chronic illnesses that can be turned around by changing our habits from bad habits to good habits.  The fact is, some of us need to learn better ways.

So as you consider your New Year’s resolutions this year, think about this.  How about a New Life Resolution instead?  How about joining the Healthy Living Revolution?  I’ve already joined, so if you’re looking, that’s where you’ll find me.

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