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I’m going to be real honest and transparent with you.  I don’t think of myself as fun.  Probably if you asked most people who know me, they would not describe me as fun either.  They may say I’m dependable, responsible, loyal, hard working and maybe compassionate and caring, in other words super boring, but not fun.

A few weeks ago, this reality hit me all of a sudden, “I’m not fun!”  I broke down in tears, because not only do I not think of myself as fun, but I really am not sure HOW to become fun.  Why is this important to me?  Because I realized that most of my life has been devoted to work.  I have been so concerned about working to pay bills, provide for my boys, have a vehicle to drive, and so many other things that I lost sight of actually enjoying life.

Something that brought this even more to light for me was a discussion that I had with my seventeen year old son last night.  He loves to watch youtube.  He spends hours watching other people play video games and make silly comments while they are doing it.  He watches people skateboarding, snow boarding, surfing, dancing, singing and God only knows what else.  He watches, he doesn’t participate.  He was telling me about one of his favorite youtubers (is that even a word?) and it kind of irritated me.  He was talking about how they basically make their living by recording themselves doing whatever they do, play video games, act silly, whatever.  I felt angry.

What I said to my son was, “Well, it must be nice to just have fun and get paid for it.  Some of us actually have to get a job so we can do mundane things like pay bills and raise kids.”  He said, “Yes, but some people can have fun and get paid for it.”  That realization threw me.  I told him that I am so used to being told that I have to produce something to be valuable, that I have to work hard whether I enjoy it or not, that I felt angry when I heard him talk about getting paid to have fun.

When I started on my journey to being a health coach, I was really excited.  I thought, “Finally, I can do something that I love and get paid to do it.”  The reality of it has been very discouraging.  It has been difficult to get started, and it has been even more difficult to realize that people don’t want to pay for you to teach them how to take care of themselves.

This is what my son told me last night.  “People don’t want to get healthy, it’s not fun.  You can’t make it fun.  Only some people want to exercise and eat right, most people just want to sit around and watch other people do things.”  Wow…is that what it’s come to?  So, the question becomes, “How do I make changing your lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy… fun?”

This has become my new challenge.

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