Throwing in the Towel

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Have you ever felt like “throwing in the towel”, quitting, just plain giving up?  I have, more times than I can remember.

Like this week.  I started a 10 day shred with my team and wanted to quit really before I even got started good.  What person in their right mind, who gets up at 4:30 in the morning, quits drinking coffee?!?!?  Ok, so Monday I broke down and drank one cup, and really the goal is to give up caffeine and I already drink 1/2 caffeine anyway, so did it really count?  Tuesday I felt like I was in a fog at work so I drank a cup when I got to work.  But Tuesday night I got a package that I was hoping would help me give up the caffeine.  It was two different coffee substitutes that I had ordered to give it a try.

The first coffee substitute, Capomo,  was actually ground Maya nuts and you make it just like you would coffee.  In the ad it says its “a true superfood” and “better than the best coffee” and “it is loaded with nutrients”.  I guess if you just tell yourself that it’s really healthy, you may be able to get one cup down.  If you are a true coffee lover like I am, don’t buy it thinking it is going to taste ANYTHING like coffee, or that it is better than the best coffee.  I’m sorry, but it definitely is not.  I walked out of the house today with about a 1/4 of a cup left in my first cup….that wouldn’t have happened with coffee.  Oh, and the fact that I’m giving up dairy and sugar as well means you can’t add much to it to make it taste any better.


However, I am coffee free so far today, and I’m not miserable, so that’s a good sign.  The fact is that detoxing is a good idea for everyone.  Some of the people on my team detox once a month, although I haven’t reached that point yet.  Honestly, I really eat clean most of the time, and I have reduced the number of times I eat out drastically.  My tastes have changed so much that I honestly just don’t enjoy the food when I go out to eat, and I’ve never really liked greasy fast food, at least not since I was a kid.

My second coffee substitute, Teechino, actually tastes pretty good.  I wouldn’t say it actually tastes like coffee, but I can drink it instead.  You can buy it in a “tea” bag or in bulk, but I chose the tea bags. It is really simple to make and I like the taste of it without adding any cream or sugar to it.  Occasionally I add a little honey, but not much.  This ad claims that you get a natural energy boost from the nutrients instead of stimulants, and it says it supports a healthy population of beneficial micro-flora for good digestive health. In case you’re interested in trying either of these you can find them on Amazon.


I work at staying in shape, and eating healthy and taking care of myself spiritually, but some days I just feel like quitting.  It’s not because it’s difficult for me to eat right, I really love good food.  And it’s not because I hate to exercise, I’ve finally found some things I really love to do.  It’s because I feel like I have to do it alone so much.  And well, I really love my coffee, so giving that up really is hard.

But yesterday, my youngest son decided he wants to go to the gym.  I have been pestering him for a while now about getting out and doing something physical and I had pretty much given up.  I will pester someone for a while about taking care of themselves, but eventually you have to realize that it has to be their decision.  So, yesterday we went to the gym, and we’re going again today.  It’s days like yesterday that make all the work and the effort worthwhile.  It’s just one day so far, but it’s a start.  I know it’s not cool for a boy to go to the gym with his mom, but he gets his license in a couple weeks and I’m holding on to every chance I get to spend time with him.

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