Vitamins vs. whole food nutrition

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Have you ever wondered where vitamins come from?  I mean, you would probably think that they would obviously come from fruits and vegetables, right?  I used to think the same thing.

Before I started eating Juice Plus, my counter looked like a supplement display at a pharmacy.  I had one of those stair step shelves on my counter and I had supplements lined up on every shelf.  I had vitamins, herbs, minerals; you name it, I probably had some at one time.  The sad part is that with all of those pills I was popping every day, I was still suffering from migraines, joint pain and stomach issues.  Every time I would read an article about how this herb or that supplement would help with joint pain, I would try it.  Seriously, at one time I was taking about a dozen pills a day, no prescriptions, just vitamins, minerals and herbs.   And it wasn’t helping.

Lately, I have been wondering, “Where do they get those vitamins anyway?”   I looked up several articles on the topic and found it to be very disturbing.  Most vitamins that you find in the pharmacy, grocery store, health food store and online are synthetic.  Synthetic means man made, or not occurring in nature.  So, when you open up that bottle of multi-vitamins, chances are there isn’t anything natural about it.

I still can’t wrap my head around how scientists “make” vitamins that naturally occur in fruits and vegetables in a lab, then they somehow get all of that stuff in a capsule or a pill.  I guess that’s all way above my pay grade.  What I can tell you is exactly how Juice Plus is made, because it is all fruits, vegetables and grains.  Juice Plus is REAL food, grown in nature. Here is a video describing how Juice Plus is made.

According to the articles that I read about vitamins, most agreed that you can’t get the nutrition you need by taking vitamins.  For one reason, synthetic vitamins are not absorbed by the body the same as food. Quite often they are actually flushed out of our bodies in our urine.

I am one of those people who believes that our bodies were created and given everything we need to live healthy lives right from the beginning.  I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, but I do believe that a person could live entirely on fruits and vegetables if they were grown in a medium that promotes high nutritional quality.  The problem is that even the fruits and vegetables we buy in the grocery stores today do not have the same nutritional quality as they did when our parents and grandparents were farming.

If you are truly interested in good health, I recommend that you do some research yourself and decide if synthetic vitamins are what you want to put in your body.  I will only put real food in my body, food that my body was created to absorb and use for energy and good health.  Juice Plus is a great addition to your diet if you need to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  Once your body receives the nutrition it is craving, you will see all kinds of positive effects!


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