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Have you ever started reading a blog post and then after about a minute you get this popup asking you to sign up for a newsletter?  Or maybe you’re scrolling down through a long drawn out blog post to get to a recipe and suddenly there are ads in the way of everything?  It’s all coming a little clearer to me.

I often wondered how bloggers got paid.  I may be wrong, but I’m beginning to think that bloggers get paid by putting ads on their blogs and the more clicks they get and sales they direct to those companies, the more they get paid.  I just can’t!

I promise, if you come to my site, you will only find information, hopefully a good story, and an occasional shameless plug for my own business, but NO ADS.

I find it very frustrating when I am looking up a recipe and have to spend more time clicking off ads than I do reading the recipe.  I don’t look up recipes to buy all the things that may be of interest, I look them up because I want to cook them.  Crazy, I know.


So, if you are an over 50 (or even hovering around 50) woman who wants to learn more about building muscle instead of losing muscle, or how to lose weight and keep it off, or how to heal without expensive prescriptions….stick around, because that’s what you’ll find here.  If I find something that works, I’ll share a link for you to check it out.  And I am always trying new and different things so I have information to share.

Today I was reading about dementia and brain health and came across some really good information.  Blueberries, which are ranked as one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world, have anthocyanins (which is just a fancy word for natural pigment).  These natural pigments enhance cerebral circulation and promote communication between neurons in the brain.  Therefore, blueberries are really good for brain health.  I personally eat blueberries nearly every day.  I also take a plant based Omega supplement which is also very helpful with brain health.  You need good fats for your brain to function properly.

(Insert shameless plug for my business)

By the way, if you do want to subscribe to my newsletter, which is actually just my blog posts as they come out, you can click on the link that is on this page.  Trust me, you won’t get spammed with my posts, I am working really hard on getting at least one new one out each week.  In the meantime, have a great day and eat some blueberries!


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