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My First Juice Plus Big Event #JPCON St. Louis 2016

I wanted to share a few things that I took away from my first big Juice Plus conference.  I went to a regional conference in Raleigh back in August, which is what made me decide to commit to the St. Louis conference, but Raleigh was on a much smaller scale. I’m just going to be honest, I’m a skeptic.  I’ve… Read more »

Why I Eat Juice Plus

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  First, notice that I said, “Why I EAT Juice Plus.”  Juice Plus is food; not a vitamin, not a supplement (although you do supplement your already good diet or your poor diet by eating it), and not a medicine. Why I started eating Juice Plus. I started eating Juice Plus so I could get it for my youngest son,… Read more »

Prime Time Health

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We had an amazing time Monday night with my first Wine & Wellness event.  We gathered at Hamlet Vineyards, had a few appetizers, a glass of wine or Sangria and learned a little bit about how we can make some positive, but simple changes in our lives. On October 18, 2016, I will be going more in depth on how… Read more »

Tower Garden Update 8/2016

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You know, I really consider myself to be fairly intelligent, definitely not dumb,but when it comes to websites and downloading/uploading pictures and getting them to work right, it can make even the smartest person feel a little dumb.  Several days ago I took pictures with my phone, thinking I could just upload them to my website right from there and… Read more »

Serious about my health

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I am pretty serious about my health, I always have been.  When I was young, maybe even as early as 5 years old, I started having headaches.  Back then there wasn’t a lot of information in our circle about migraines, but as I’ve gotten older I believe they were migraine headaches.  My mother has said that I would come inside… Read more »


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It seems to be a common theme lately in the things I’ve been reading that we just have to learn to live in today.  I think all of our lives we’re taught to plan for the future in one way or another.  From the time we are born our parents are thinking way ahead so they can help us figure… Read more »

My tower garden

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This is my new Tower Garden!  I got it last week and I decided to document my progress in putting it together, planting the seeds and growing my own fresh vegetables.  When it comes, it’s in a very large box, but it’s not terribly heavy so you can move it around pretty well where you want it. This is everything… Read more »