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Tower Garden

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I just learned about one of the most amazing things!  It is called a tower garden.  This thing is so amazing, you can grow plants, indoors, all year round, with NO dirt!!!  It uses aeroponics.  There is no weeding, since there’s no dirt, and you can have fresh greens or whatever else you like all year long.  I am definitely… Read more »

Fat Vs. Muscle

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One of the things that can be so discouraging for people when they first start out trying to lose weight is that they start losing pretty quickly and then they either stop losing and gain a little back.  Most of us have heard the saying “Muscle weighs more than fat”.  Actually, it doesn’t matter if you have five pounds of… Read more »

Blueberry breakfast drink (not so smoothie)

You will need a pint sized mason jar with a good lid.  You can also use a plastic shaker jar if you prefer, I just personally don’t care much for using plastic. In your pint sized mason jar add the following ingredients: 1-2 Tbsp. organic chia seeds 2 Tbsp. old fashioned oats (not instant) a couple shakes of cinnamon, sometimes… Read more »

Next Step

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I have found that any time I’ve wanted to change something about my life, or improve on something I’m already doing, it’s always easier with a friend.  My son and I started going to the gym a while back and I have never liked going to the gym.  My husband and I joined Planet Fitness back in January, because they… Read more »

Where Do I Start?

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Most people want to change their lifestyle, but they really don’t know where to start.  It can be very overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been taking good care of yourself so far.  The very first thing I would suggest is take a look at the motivations for your change.  Are you overweight and want to lose some weight?  Are you… Read more »